Book editing: Mini Me Melbourne

Mini Me Melbourne Hardie Grant Explore Published March 2014 Project editor Advertisements

Book editing: Dreaming Too Loud

Dreaming Too Loud by Geoffrey Robertson Random House Published November 2013 Proofreader

Penny Farthing review: Breakfast Out

Published 31 August 2013 View original review at Breakfast Out

Book editing: Street Art Melbourne

Street Art Melbourne by Lou Chamberlin Hardie Grant Explore Published November 2013 Project editor

Book editing: Family Village Tribe

Family Village Tribe (Revised and Updated 2013) Random House Published July 2013 Copyeditor

Project management: LG Manager

Magazine published 21 May 2013 Two-month contract with Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA) included project managing the April/May edition of LG Manager magazine.

Website copy: eWater Systems

Website launched June 2013 View original content at eWater Systems

Bayte review: Breakfast Out

Published 26 April 2013 View original review at Breakfast Out

Cheerio review: Breakfast Out

Published 13 February 2013 View original review at Breakfast Out

Book editing: Ghosts – what ghosts?

Ghosts – what ghosts? by Trevor Poultney Published December 2012 Proofreader