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eWater Systems’ electrolysed water solutions—eWater Sanitiser and eWater Cleaner—are created by applying an electrical charge to a mixture of tap water and plain table salt. The electrolysis process separates the sodium and chlorine in the salt, leaving two solutions on opposing ends of the pH scale: alkaline for cleaning and acidic for sanitising. It’s simple science with powerful results.

eWater Sanitiser

With an acidic pH of 2.7, eWater Sanitiser has powerful antibacterial and fungicidal properties. Independent research from around the world proves how quickly and effectively it kills dangerous pathogens and viruses such as E. coli, salmonella, listeriosis and staphylococcus. What’s more, it does so without leaving harmful residues behind.

eWater Cleaner

With an alkaline pH of 11.3, eWater Cleaner is a highly effective all-purpose cleaner and degreaser. It removes dirt and grime from all kinds of surfaces—from benchtops and floors to human skin—without the use of costly and potentially hazardous packaged chemicals. It’s the smarter and safer choice for cleaning, pure and simple.