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First published December 2012
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About Wildside Nails

Artfully painted and customised manicures using low chemical, cruelty-free polishes … Sound too good to be true? Pinch yourself and head to Wildside Nails, where you can select from a spectacular array of colours, finishes and embellishments to create your own distinctive look.

Melbourne-based makeup artist Hannah Marshall came up with the idea for Wildside Nails after one mediocre manicure too many while heavily pregnant in the height of Australian summer. Tired of questionable service, dubious hygiene standards and limited colour ranges, and concerned about the health effects of nail salon chemicals, she began dreaming up an alternative approach.

At Wildside Nails the focus is on high fashion, wearable and sophisticated manicures in a friendly and relaxed environment. From jewel-like glitters and ombre effects to beaded textures and CND Shellac, Hannah’s carefully selected range of polishes and adornments offers endless possibilities. Best of all, enjoy treating yourself without worrying about unnecessary chemical nasties!

About Hannah

Hannah trained in Melbourne under world-renowned makeup and special makeup effects artist Nik Dorning (Moulin Rouge, Troy), acquiring skills in special effects as well as traditional beauty. She has worked in Melbourne, Sydney and London across film, TV and advertising. Her work has been featured in projects for Aston Martin, Boots, Vidal Sassoon, Elk, Nancy Bird and Sony Ericsson, among many others.

About products

Wildside Nails uses cruelty-free, low chemical polishes in the belief that beauty is vastly more than skin deep. A manicure should be a pleasurable experience and there’s nothing pleasing about adding unnecessary and harmful toxins to your body for the sake of fancy fingertips.

The past ten years have seen an increase in awareness of the harmful chemicals found in nail polishes. Many nail polish manufacturers have now stopped using the top three chemical bugbears – dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene and formaldehyde – in their products, which are labelled ‘3 Free’ as a result. Some companies have even gone a step or two further, making their products ‘4 Free’ (without the big three as well as formaldehyde resin) and ‘5 Free’ (without the big three, formaldehyde resin and camphor).

All polishes used at Wildside Nails are at least 3 Free and the majority are 4 Free. Preferred brand Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is 4 Free, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. ‘Beyond any personal convictions, we simply believe that it’s unnecessary’, says OCC founder David Klasfeld, ‘especially when there are alternatives that are just as readily available and equally effective’. Now who can argue with that?